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Want to work with us?

We're hiring!

We run events and general DJ stuff at a venue in Richmond NSW called 'The Royal Richmond Hotel', and we are looking to expand our lineup. At the moment we usually use our local talent, who do a great job, however we want to give the opportunity for more up and coming and established talent to get out there.

We pull a decent crowd every single Saturday night, and also throw headlining events. We want to keep the venue fresh, and give the people a reason to come back. We pay competitive rates, and give you an easy gig! CDJ 2000 nexus/DJM900nexus rig supplied, with great sound system. All you need to do is bring in your USB’s.

Some major renovations are happening soon, so as time goes on the performance area will become even better.

We are looking for all types of DJ’s :

People to play for dinner/cocktail service – Soul/House type of vibe. The manager of the venue would also be interested in getting some vinyl DJs to play afternoons etc.

People to play nightclub style: RNB, 00’s throwbacks, house, etc. Some nights we ramp it up and play heavier with DNB too. However, the majority of the crowd is 18-25, and they seem to respond best to the RNB and 00’s throwback style.

At the moment we run a ‘nightclub’ style event every week inside the venue, which runs from 10:30pm – 3am, and some weeks we run an outdoor thing from 6pm-10pm with a housey background music feel. Not too loud, but something to compliment your dinner and cocktails.

If you are interested we would love to hear from you! You can email us on

There’s also the opportunity for house parties across the Sydney area too if you are interested and have the equipment.

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